Penerapan pelebur curah PUR dalam industri otomotif


Kombinasi suku cadang dalam industri otomotif relatif kompleks. Segel mobil itu sendiri adalah mata rantai terpenting dalam pembuatan mobil, dan persyaratan kualitasnya relatif tinggi. BisakahPUR pelebur massaldigunakan dalam proses industri otomotif?


        Anyone who has operated PUR pelebur massal knows that PUR hot melt adhesives are widely used in the viscose industry. PUR hot melt adhesives have strong adhesive effects in fabric compounding, shoe materials, large plate flat-sticking, carton packaging, etc. Good airtightness, environmental protection and other characteristics. Now many manufacturers in the automotive industry have begun to use PUR hot melt adhesives to complete the process, and PUR pelebur massal are an indispensable part of the glue spraying process. Car body sealing is the later stage of assembly. It requires the glue to have good sealing effect, smooth and neat, and not easy to melt. PUR hot melt adhesive is fast-drying, insoluble in water, and high temperature resistant. Therefore, using a panas meltglue melteradalah pilihan terbaik.

        During the sealing process, the automotive industry will encounter a small area of the sealing part, such as lap joints, welding points, water tanks, etc. It is more convenient to use PUR pelebur massal  to manually glue .This equipment has certain advantages: glue out Stable, clean glue breaking, controllable glue quantity and long service life. Even though there are many requirements in the automotive industry, PUR pelebur massal can meet its craftsmanship and have a place in the automotive industry.